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weeds and co perennials
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Salvia                                                                                                                                        SAGE
nemerosa Ost Friesland $6.00
deep purple-blue flowers jun-sep.  ht.50cm.
     ,,           Rosenwein $6.00
pink flowers jun-aug.  ht.40cm.
     ,,           Caradonna $6.00
deep purple blue flowers jun-aug.   glowing red stems.
sclarea $6.00
rose-red bracts pale lilac flowers all summer.  ht.70cm.
lyriata  $6.00
leaves spotted purple
superba Snow Hill $6.00
white flowerspikes jun-aug.  ht.40cm
glutinosa $6.00
light yellow flowers jul-sep.  ht.80cm.
hians $6.00
light blue flowers ht.60cm.
argentea $6.00
white flowers grey-woolly leave rosettes.  ht.60cm.
bulleyana $yellow flowers with red-brown lip.  jun-aug.  ht.60cm.
Marcus $6.00
compact variety with abroad spreading habit ht.20cm.
deep purple blue flowers may-august.
Sanguisorba                                                                                                                       BURNET
menziesii $6.00
brilliant black-red flowerspikes. jun-jul.  grey feathered foliage.  ht.70cm.
tenuifolia Pink Elephant $7.00
rose-red flowers  jun-jul.  ht.170cm.
obtusa $6.00
    ,,       Chatto $6.00
rose-red flowerspikes jun-jul.  ht.60cm.
officinalis Tanna $6.00
dark-red flowerspikes jul-sep.  ht.80cm.
officinalis Pink Tanna $7.00
new variety simmilar to tanna but with pink flowers
Lemon Splash  $8.00
rose-red flowerspikes , foliage has yellow spots
stipulata $7.00
clear white flowerspikes in early summer.  ht.40cm.
tenuifolia $7.00
Scabiosa                                                                                                 PINCUSHION FLOWER
caucasica Butterfly Blue $6.00
light-blue flowers all summer ht.60cm.
carniolica $6.00
chocolate-brown flowers in spring plant goes dormant later on in summer  ht.40cm.
Scuttelaria                                                                                                                      SKULCAP
baicalensis $6.00
light blue flowers jul-sep.  ht.60cm.
Sedum                                                                                                                        STONECROP
Herbstfreude $6.00
purple-red flowers sep-oct. ht.60cm.
Stardust $6.00
white flowerheads aug-sep.  ht.40cm.
Brilliant $6.00
dark lilac-pink flowerheads  sp-oct. ht.50cm.
Vera Jameson $6.00
red foliage rose-red flowers aug-sep. ht.20cm.
alboroseum Mediovariegatum $6.00
crean variegated foliage pink flowers in fall
Matrona $6.00
pal-pink flowers jul-sep.  light brown leaves  ht.50cm.
aurantiacum Aizoon $6.00
Green expectations $7.00
greenish-yellow flowers sep-oct. blue-green foliage. ht.40cm.
Joyce Henderson $7.00
pale pink flowers light brown leaves  ht.60cm.
Citrus Twist $7.00
chartreuse flowers off-set by green foliage with apurple cast.
Purple Emperor $7.00
very dark almost black foliage, red flowers  ht.40cm.
Lynda Windsor $8.00
ruby clusters of blooms deep purple foliage
Bertram Anderson $6.00
dusty purple foliage and deep pink flowerson a shorter plant. ht.20cm.
Arthur Branch $7.00
Dark Purple foliage
gumniferum $6.00
large white umbels jul-aug. blue-grey leaves  ht.80cm.
Silphium                                                                                                        COMPASS  PLANT
perfoliatum $6.00
yellow flowers in fall. ht.200cm.
Smilacaena                                                                                        FALSE SALOMONSSEAL
racemosa $6.00
cream coloured blossom panicles in spring.  ht.60cm.
Solidago                                                                                                                    GOLDENROD
rugosa Fireworks $6.00
compact cultivar with cascading yellow flowerpanicles in fall.  ht.60cm.
luteus $6.00
yellow flowers in fall.
Stachys                                                                                                                   LAMB'S EARS
byzantina $6.00
pale purple flowers with grey feltlike leaves. ht,40cm.
      ,,          Primrose Heron $6.00
same as above with chartreuse-grey leaves
      ,,          Helene von Stein (Big Ears) $6.00
larger leaves than the species , very few flowers.
      ,,          Cotton Ball $6.00
woolly silver foliage flowers are woolly silver balls.  ht.40cm.
grandiflora Superba $6.00
deep violet blossoms in spring. ht.30cm.
monieri Hummelo $6.00
lavender pink flowers all summer long. ht.40cm.
hofmannii $6.00
white tubular flowers.  ht.20cm.
Symphytum                                                                                                                    COMFREY
x rubrum $6.00
red flowers jun-jul. ht.60cm.
Telekia                                                                                                                 OX-EYE DAISIE
speciosa $6.00
orange-yellow flowers jun-aug.  ht.150cm.
hyrcanicum $6.00
red-purple flowers jun-aug,  ht.45cm.
Thalictrum                                                                                                            MEADOW RUE
aquilegifolium $6.00
large plumes of fluffy pink flowers. jun-jul.  ht.120cm.
flavum Glaucum $6.00
blue green foliage topped with glowing lime coloured flowers in summer.  ht.100cm.
adiantifolium $6.00
pink flowers in summer ht.60cm.
delavayii $6.00
lacy foliage with masse of lavender flowers.  ht.120cm.
rochebrunianum $6.00
sprays of lavender flowersjul-sep.
Hewitt's Double $7.00
long lasting double soft purple flowers may-sep  ht.100cm.
Tricyrtis                                                                                                                       TOAD LILY
Kohaku $6.00
white flowers heavily spotted with dark-purple. ht.60cm
formosana $6.00
reddish spotted upright flowers. ht.80cm.
Tojen $6.00
clear pink flowers with adark , edge ht.70cm.
Sinonome $6.00
very late blooming purple flowers.  ht.80cm.
Shirohatatogisa $6.00
pure white flowers
hirta $6.00
white flowers with purple spots.  ht.60cm.
Lightning Strike $7.00
variable variegation from golden streaking  to almost entirely gold. ht.60cm.
hirta Variegata $7.00
green foliage with a clear white edge.  ht.60cm.
Empress $6.00
extra large darkly spotted flowers.  ht.70cm.
macranthopsis $7.00
large yellow tubular flowerswith burgundy interior spots.  ht.20cm.
Trifolium                                                                                                                           CLOVER
rubrum $6.00
bright purple-red large blossoms jun-aug. ht.60cm.
ochroleucum $6.00
brilliant light yellow flowers , jun-jul. ht.40cm.
Valeriana                                                                                                                       VALERIAN
officinalis $6.00
soft pink flowers may-jul.  ht150cm.
Verbascum                                                                                                                       MULLEIN
Helen Johnson $6.00
peach-buff flowerspikes . jun-oct.  ht.75cm.
phoeniceum Flush of White $6.00
white flowerspikes in summer. ht75cm.
blattaria Alba $5.00
white flowers jun-jul.  ht.60cm.
nigrum  $6.00
yellow flowers all summer ht. 100cm.
nigrum Album $6.00
white flowers all summer long  ht.100cm.
Polar Summer $6.00
light yellow flowers , silver woolly leaves,  ht.150cm.
Verbascum Jackie $7.00
numerous stems of peach blooms with a dark eye. jun-jul. ht.60cm.
bonariensis $6.00
bright violet-blue flowers jun-oct.  ht.100cm.
stricta $6.00
purple-lavender flowers jul-aug.  ht.60cm.
hastata $6.00
mixture of blue , pink , and white flowers jun-sep.  ht.60cm.
Veronica                                                                                                                     SPEEDWELL
teucrium Crater Lake Blue$6.00
blue flowers in summer ht.40cm.
Goodnes Grows $6.00
blue flowerspikes all summer long until frost.  ht.30cm.
Veronicastrum                                                                                                 CULVER'S ROOT
virginicum $6.00
long wands of white flowersaug-sep. ht. 120cm.
       ,,          Roseum $6.00
same as above with pink flowers
       ,,          Spring Dew $7.00
15 inch long racemes of white flowers june - july 120cm.
       ,,          Fascination  $6.00
purple buds opening to lilac-pink flowers  ht.100cm.
sibiricum $6.00
blue flowerspikes . ht.120cm.
Apollo $6.00
reddish-purple flowerspikes aug-sep.  ht.90cm.
ternata $6.00
yellow flowers ht.20cm.

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