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weeds and co perennials
our plants A-B
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Plants I-R

sibirica Ruffled Velvet $6.00
velvety-violet standards.  ht.70cm.
sibirica Snow Queen $6.00
whitish-green flowers jun-jul. ht.60cm.
sibirica Butter and Sugar $6.00
creamy standards and butter yellow falls ht.70cm.
sibirica Blue King $6.00
pure violet blue flowers  jun-jul.  ht.70cm.
foetidissima $6.00
pumila $6.00
Kirengeshoma                                                                                         YELLOW WAXBELLS
palmata $8.00
yellow funnel shaped flowers aug-sep.  ht.80cm.
vitifolia $6.00
white malva like flowers jun-aug. on tall plants, ht.200cm.
Knautia                                                                                                     CRIMSON SCABIOSA
macedonica $6.00
deep red flowers jun-aug.  ht.60cm.
macedonica Mars Midget $6.00
same as above but smaller ht.30cm.
Kniphofia                                                                                                           RED HOT POKER
natalense $7.00
New English Hybrids $6.00
a mixture of yelow , red , green and orange flowerspikes ht.50-80cm.
Lamiastrum                                                                                                           DEAD NETTLE
Beedhams White $6.00
Hermans Pride $6.00
serrated leaves dappled with silver
Elizabeth de Haas $7.00
Lathyrus                                                                                                                      SWEET PEA
vernus $6.oo
violet pea-like flowers ht.50cm.
Leucanthemum                                                                                                    SHASTA DAISY
superbum Aglaya $6.00
spidery double white daisies  ht.80cm.
dentata Othello $6.00
bronze foliage , orange flowers aug-sep. ht.90cm.
stenocepala The Rocket $6.00
yellow flowers on an imposing spike. ht. 150cm.
x palmatiloba $6.00
yellow daisies jun-jul .   ht.150cm.
japonica $6.00
prezwalskii $6.00
same as the Rocket but shorter ht.70cm.
Britt-Marie Crawford $15.00
darkest leave of all the ligularias ht.100cm.
Liriope                                                                                                                           TURF LILY
muscari $6.00
grape hyacinth like purple flwoers in fall. ht.30cm.
Variegata $7.00
same as above with variegated foliage
Lysimachia                                                                                                       CIRCLE FLOWER
ciliata Fire Cracker $6.00
rich bronze foliage with yellow flowers in summer.  ht.100cm.
clethroides $6.00
white flowerspikes with a disinct bend
atropurpurea $7.00
wine-red flowers may-sep.
punctata $6.00
Monarda                                                                                                                          BEEBALM
Cherokee $6.00
deep rose-pink flowers  good disease resistancy.   ht.75cm.
Dark Ponticum $7.00
purple flowers with green bracts marked violet.   ht.100cm.    disease resistant.
Petite Delight $6.00
lavender flowers on a dwarf plant.  ht.40cm.   disease resistance
didyma $6.00
bright red flowers on tall disease resistant plants .   ht.100cm.
Nepeta                                                                                                                                  CATNIP
transcaucasica Blue Infinity $6.00
very large catnip , blue flowers all summer long.  ht.110cm.
Dawn to Dusk $6.00
unusual silvery-pink flowers. ht.90cm.
Souvenir de Andre Chaudron
 neon blue flowers all summer long  ht.90cm.
Six Hill's Giant $6.00
violet-blue flowerspikes all summer long  ht.70cm.
x faassenii $5.00
light blue flowers blooms continuousely  ht.30cm
x faassenii  Alba $6.00
same as above with white flowers
Omphalodes                                                                                                             NAVELWORT
cappadocica Starry Eyes $7.00
flowers coloured as tiny blue stars on a white background. april-may  ht.25cm.
Origano                                                                                                                          OREGANO
Herrenhausen $6.00
mauve flowers jul-sep. ht.30cm.
laevigatum Hopleys Purple $6.00
same as above with purple flowers
Thumbles Variety $6.00
variety with golden-chartreuse foliage
Kent Beauty  $7.00
flowers resemble hops with showy purple bracts
Rosenkuppel $6.00
White Anniversary $6.00
mounds of green and white variegated foliage.
Paeonia                                                                                                                                  PEONY
Krinkled White $9.00
single white flowers yellow centre.  ht.60cm.
Anemoniflora  $9.00
single red flowers large centres filled with orange-yellow stamens.  ht.50cm.
mollis  $10.00
single pink-red flowers with small yellow centres  ht.50cm
Dancing Butterflies $12.00
single true pink flowers with ruffled edged petals aroun a small yellow centre
Sword Dance $15.00
medium sized flowers with rich red petalsframing a large yellow centre
Flame $ 15.00
fiery red petals ht.60cm.
Papaver                                                                                                                                  POPPY
Prince of Orange $6.00
orange flowers on tall stems  ht.70cm.
Salmon $6.00
salmon flowers jun-jul.  ht.70cm.
Turkenlouis $6.00
fiery-red flowers with ruffled edges
Beauty of Livermere $6.00
bright red flowers jun-jul. ht.100cm.
Karine $6.00
Light salmon pink flowers
Kleine Tanzerin $7.00
large soft pink flowers marked with distinctive dark blotches in a shorter plant
Brooklyn $6.00
ruby red flowers ht.70cm.
Manhattan $6.00
dark-rose flowers on extra long stems 80cm.
Royal Chocalate Distinction $7.00
Chocolate maroon flowers ht.70cm.
Persicaria                                                                                                        FLEECE FLOWER
amplexicaula Firetail $7.00
bright red flowerspikes jul-sep. ht.120cm.
amplexicaula Rosea $7.00
same as above with pink flowers
amplexicaula Alba $7.00
same as above with white flowers.
Lance Corporal $6.00
large chartreuse leaves with amaroon chevron ht.70cm.
Llangthorns Variety $6.00
small triangular leaves with a red centre and a dark chevron . ht.39cm.
virginiana Variegata $6.00
same as lance Corporal but with added white variegation ht.70cm.
Painters Palette $6.00
Red Dragon $7.00
dark maroon foliage with an even darker chevron
hybridus Variegata $6.00
verticillare $6.00
yellow-green flowerumbels.  ht.150cm.
littorale $6.00
white flower umbels ht.70cm.
Phlomis                                                                                                           JERUSALEM SAGE
tuberosa $6.00
violet flowers jun-jul.  ht.100cm.
russelliana $6.00
yellow flowers jun-aug. decorative seedstalks. ht.100cm.
cashmeriana $7.00
light lilac flowers jun-aug.  ht.60cm.
samia $6.00
violet flowers jun-jul.  ht. 100cm.
caroliniana Miss Lingard $6.00
white flowers on evergren plants mildew resistant. ht. 50cm.
paniculata Rembrandt $6.00
white flowered variety.  ht.70cm.
       ,,          Orange Perfection $6.00
deep orange large flowers.
       ,,          Nicky $6.00
deep purple flowers witha paler centre
       ,,          Norah Leigh $6.00
variegated foliage , pink flowers.
       ,,          Dusterlohe $6.00
dark violet-red flowers.
       ,,          Julyfest $6.00
dark carmine-red flowers
       ,,          Red Feelings $8.00
very unusual phlox that gets it colour from decorative red bracts which look
good for up to ten weeks. 70 cm.
      ,,           Fancy Feelings $8.00
star shaped clusters of bright pink flowers  holds colour and form for up to ten weeks  ht.70cm.
      ,,           Midnight Feelings $8.00
flowerless phloxthat developsplume-like clusters of mahogany black needle like bracts that grow and thicken over many weeks. ht.70cm.
Phuopsis                                                                                                                  CROSSWORT
stylosa $6.00
purple rose flowers may-aug. ht.20cm.
Phytolacca                                                                                                                   POKEWEED
americana $6.00
white flowers in spring , black berries on pendulous fruit stalks. ht. 150cm.
americana Silberlicht $7.00
same as above but with variegated foliage.
saxifraga $6.00
white flowerumbels.  ht. 60cm.
Polemonium                                                                                                   JACOB'S LADDER
reptans $6.00
light blue flowers may-jun.  ht.40cm.
pauciflorum $6.00
yellow tubular blossoms.  ht.60cm
caerulum Lace Towers $6.00
laveder-blue , abundant flowers jun-jul.
Polygonum                                                                                                        FLEECE FLOWER
bistorta Superba $6.00
pink flowerspikes may-aug.  ht.60cm.
compactum Roseum $6.00
red tinged foliage ht.50cm.
Potentilla                                                                                                                   CINQUEFOIL
nepalensis Mrs Wilmott  $6.00
pink flowers with a dark centre.  ht.60cm.
atropurpurea $6.00
black-red flowers jun-jul.  ht.60cm.
Primula                                                                                                                        PRIMROSE
denticulata $6.00
lilac flowers apr-may.  ht.25cm.
veris $6.00
light-yellow flowers apr-may.  ht.30cm.
auricula $6.00
grandiflora $6.00
violet-blue flowers jun-aug.  ht.25cm.
Pulmonaria                                                                                                                LUNGWORT
longifolia Bertram Andersen $6.00
blue flowers in spring narrow spotted leaves
officinalis Sissinghurst White $6.00
white flowers in spring  ht.30cm
Pulsatilla                                                                                                         PASQUE FLOWER
vulgaris $6.00
violet campanulate flowers , in spring . ht.30cm.
Ranunculis                                                                                                                 BUTTERCUP
acris Flore- Pleno $6.00
double yellow flowers in summer.  ht.60cm.
Rheum                                                                                                                            RHUBARB
australe $7.00
white flowerstalks in summer. decorative leaves. ht. 100cm.
palmatum Atrosanguineum $7.00
red flowerstalks jun-jul.  beautiful scarlet-red coloured leaves  ht.200cm
Rodgersia                                                                                                  RODGER'S FLOWER
aesculifolia  $8.00
white flowers jun-jul.  large decorative leaves. ht.80cm.
pinnata Superba $8.00
pale-oink flowers feathered leaves.
sambucifolia $8.00
white flowers pinnate leaves.  ht.100cm.
Rumex                                                                                                                                SORREL
flexuosus Rhubarb Pie $6.00
variegated foliage.  ht.20cm.
sanguineus Atrosanguineus $6.00
lanceolate leaves with distinctive red - purple leave veins. ht.40cm.
Rudbeckia                                                                                                             CONEFLOWER
fulgida Goldsturm $6.00
golden flowers with a dark centre ht.60cm.
occidentalis Green Wizard $6.00
tall black flowering cones petals barely visible.  ht.100cm.

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