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weeds and co perennials
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all prices are for 6" or 1gallon pots

Filipendula                                                                                                        MEADOWSWEET
ulmaria $6.00
white flowerpanicles jul-aug, ht.80cm.
ulmaria Variegata $6.00
same as abovewith golden variegated foliage
rubra Venusta $6.00
dark pink flowers jun-aug. ht.120cm.
Fragaria                                                                                ORNAMENTAL STRAWBERRY
Pink Panda $6.00
pink flowers all summer
Variegata $6.00
white variegated foliage
Galega                                                                                                                           GOATSRUE
officinalis $6.00
pink-white flowers over a long period   ht.100cm
lutea $6.00
yellow flowers jun-aug. ht.100cm.
asclepias $7.00
dark blue flowers in summer ht.30cm.
Geranium                                                                     CRANESBILL       HARDY GERANIUM
x oxonianum Claridge Druce $6.00
lilac pink flowers on vigorous plants  ht.60cm.
x oxonianum Thurstonianum $6.00
dark purple-pink flowers  ht.60cm.                                                                                                                                      
x oxonianum Katherine Adele $7.00
beautifull spring foliage :gold overlaid with copper pink flowersht.50cm.
x oxonianum Phoebe Noble $6.00
cherry-pink flowers ht.45cm.
x oxonianum Sue Crug $6.00
x oxonianum Anmore $6.00
silver-pink flowers from spring till fall
himalayense $6.00
large blue flowers with violet tones june,  ht.40cm.
himalayese Gravetye $6.00
same as above with deep-blue flowers
himalayense Plenum $6.00
light blue double flowers. ht.30cm.
macrorrhizum Ingwersens Variety $6.00
violet pink flowers june-july ht.40cm. evergreen foliage  very drought tolerant
        ,,              Bevans Variety $6.00
same as above but with rose-red flowers
        ,,              Spessart $6.00
same as above but flowers are white with pink calyx
        ,,              Variegatum $9.00
same as above but with variegated foliage
        ,,              Czakor $7.00
same as above with magenta-red flowers
cantarigiense Biokovo $6.00
pale pink flowers jun-jul. ht.30cm. evergreen foliage
        ,,               Cambridge $6.00
dark pink flowers jun-jul. ht.30cm.
clarkei Kashmir White $6.00
white flowers jul-aug.  ht.30cm.
   ,,       Kashmir Purple $6.00
purple flowers jul-aug.  ht.30cm.
versicolor $6.00
pink flowers jun-aug. ht.50cm.
Johnson Blue $6.00
deep lavender-blue flowers may-july $6.00
maculatum $6.00
pale lilac flowers in spring  ht.50cm.
x magnificum $6.00
large lilac flowers in early summer  ht.60cm.
viscosissimum $6.00
bright pink flowers all summer ht.60cm.
phaeum $6.00
dark purple flowers, jun-aug. ht.60cm.
     ,,        Album $6.00
same as above with white flowers
     ,,        Samabor $7.00
same but with dark chocolate-brown blotches on foliage.
     ,,        Variegatum $10.00
same  with variegated foliage
     ,,        Lily Lovell $7.00
same with lavender flowers
    ,,         Springtime
Interesting foliage
palustre $6.00
violet-red flowers jun-sep. ht.70cm. 
pratense $6.00
blue flowers in summer ht.60cm.
pratense Mrs. Kendall Clark $6.00
pearl blue-grey flowers jun-aug. ht.60cm.
pratense Midnight Reiter group $9.00
same as pratense but with dark purple foliage
pratense Hocus Pocus $12.00
dark bronze foliage and large lavender-urple flowers.  ht.50cm.
pratense Okey Dokey
wonderfull deep purple leaved variety large steel blue flowers june-aug.
pratense Splish Splash $7.00
unusual bi-colour flowers , violet blue on white  ht.60cm.
pratense plenum violaceum
Double flowers
pratense Summer Skies
Double flowers
pratense Purple Heron
Dark purple foliage
pratense Black Beauty
Dark purple foliage
nervosum $6.00
asphodeloides $6.00
white to pink flowers in early summer   ht.40cm.
psilostemon $6.00
bright magenta flowers wiyh black centres.  jun-jul.  ht,90cm.
renardii $6.00
white flowers jun-jul.  decorative feltlike foliage, evergreen  ht.20cm.
renardii Zetterlund $7.00
same as above with large violet flowers.
Nimbus $6.00
finely cut feathery leaves. purplish-pink flowers with darker contrasting veins jun-sep.
sanguineum $6.00
purple-red flowers jun-sep.  ht.40cm.
        ,,             Album $6.00
variety with white flowers
sylvaticum $6.00
red-violet flowers jun-jul. ht.60cm.
      ,,            Amy Doncaster $6.00
same as above with clear blue flowers with a white eye
      ,,            Mayflower $6.00
blue flowers. ht.50cm
Philippe Vapelle $6.00
purple blue flowers jun-jul. ht.20cm.
maculatum $6.00
pink flowers may-jun. ht.50cm.
Patricia $6.00
soft carmine-pink flowers with ablack centre, large leaves.  ht.90cm.
wlassovianum $7.00
purple-blue flowers jun-sep. foliage turns orange in fall. ht.30cm.
wallichianum $7.00
Elizabeth Anne $9.00
chocolate coloured foliage pink flowers in may. ht.50cm.
Rozanne $9.00
huge violet-blue flowers with awhite eye
Spinners $7.00
purple-blue flowers jun-jul ht.70cm.
Dilys $8.00
Sirak $7.00
purplish pink flowers ht.50cm.
endressi Wargrave Pink $6.00
salmon pink flowers jun-sep.
Jolly Bee
massive cupped flowers with white centres and dark maron arteries
very floruferous long blooming robust plants ht.60cm. may-sep.
yoshinoi Confetti
variegated foliage
Gillenia                                                                                                         BOWMAN'S  ROOT
trifoliata $7.00
starry white flowers jun-jul.  ht.100cm.
Helenium                                                                HELEN'S  FLOWER            SNEEZEWEED
autumnale Bruno $6.00
        ,,         Copelia $6.00
        ,,         Butterpat $6.00
coppery-orange daisies. ht.100cm.
        ,,         Rubinzwerg $7.00
burnished red petals with a golden centre aug-sep. ht.75cm.
        ,,         Wyndley $7.00
copery brown petals          ht.75cm.
        ,,         Moerheim Beauty $6.00
dark rusty-red daisies jul-sep ht.80cm.
Helianthus                                                                                                               SUNFLOWER
Lemon Queen $6.00
lemon-yellow flowers sep-oct.  ht.150cm
salicifolius  $6.00
large  plant with willow like foliage yellow flowers in fall ht.200cm.
Heliopsis                                                                                                     FALSE SUNFLOWER
variegatus $6.00
creamy foliage with green venation.  ht.75cm.
Helleborus                                                                                                     CHRISTMAS ROSE
foetidus $7.00
greenish flowers in large trusses apr-may ht.45cm.
orientalis $8.00
flower colours range from white to red to green mar-may.  ht.50cm.
niger $6.00
large white flowers mar-may  ht,30cm.
Blue Lady $10.00
seed strain with large slate-blue flowers
Yellow Lady $10.00
seed strain with large creamy-yellow flowers
argutifolius $8.00
coarse leathery foliage, clusters of pale green flowers. ht.75cm
White Lady Spotted $10.00
Red Lady $ 10.00.
Pink Lady $12.00
Mrs Betty Ranicar $30.00
Ice Carnival $6.00
near white flowers. jul-sep.  ht.60cm.
Red Rocket $6.00
Gentle Sheppard $6.00
creamy-white with green throat jun-aug.  ht.60cm.
Pardon Me $6.00
ruffled petal sbright red and
Heuchera                                                                                                               CORAL BELLS
Cappucino $6.00
white flowers, brown leaves
Ring of Fire $7.00
leaves edged with red and orange
Palace Purple $6.00
dark purple leaves
lanatum $6.00
golden,flowerstalks multi-branched. oval felt-like leaves
maculatum Leopard $6.00
yellow flowers in summer bluish green leaves withdark brown marbling
aurantiacum $6.00
orange-red flowers jun-sep.  ht.30cm.
villosum $6.00
large yellow flowers in summer. silver grey leaves
Hosta                                                                                                                    PLANTAIN LILY
Crusader $9.00
Geisha $9.00
Elizabeth $6.00
Saishu Jima $6.00
Cherry Berry $8.00
Blue Dimples $6.00
Golden Tiara $6.00
Gold Standard $7.00
Striptease $9.00
Regal Splendour $8.00
Francee $6.00
Fragrant Bouquet $8.00
montana $6.00
montana Aureomarginata $7.00
Francess Williams  $6.00
sieboldiana  elegans $6.00
Sum and Substance $7.00
Krossa Regal $6.00
undulata mediovariegata $6.00
Aureomaculata $6.00
Hyacinthina $6.00
Whirlwind $8.00
El Capitan $7.00
Abiqua Drinking Gourd $8.00
Queen Josephine $8.00
Halcyon $6.00
Pizzazz $7.00
Summer Music $9.00
Wide Brim $6.00
August Moon $6.00
Chinese Sunrise $6.00
Fire and Ice $8.00
Minuteman $7.00
So Sweet $6.00
lancifolia $6.00
June $9.00
macropylla Praesflorens $8.00
Abiqua Moonbeam $7.00
Stillettos $6.00
Zounds $6.00
Sun Power $7.00
Nameoki $6.00
Fools Gold $6.00
Blue Cadet $6.00
Elvis Lives $7.00
Shade Fanfare $8.00
Guacamole $8.00
Dark Star $7.00
Pauls glory $8.00
Piedmont Gold $6.00
Mildred Saever $6.00
Kifu-Kurin $6.00
Brite Lights $8.00
Christmas Tree $7.00
Dianond Tiara $7.00
Grand Tiara $7.00
Emerald Tiara $8.00
Tattoo $15.00
Black Hills $7.00
Dream Weaver $12.00
El Nino $13.00
Paradice Joyce $13.00
Red October $12.00
Spilt Milk $10.00
Stained Glass $12.00
Gypsy Rose $12.00
Canadian Shield $7.00
Captain Kirk $10.00
Honeysong $7.00
Independence $13.00
Pilgrim $$7.00
Revolution $13.00
Sugar and Cream $$7.00
Summer Fragrance $7.00
Houttuynia                                                                                              CHAMELEON  PLANT
cordata Chameleon $6.00
interesting foliage in red, gold , green and cream. ht.30cm.

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