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our plants A-B

2005 plantlist
All prices are for 6" or 1 gallon pots

$6.00 Acanthus
flowers in spikes pale pink , jun-jul. leaves deeply cut. ht;100cm                             
$6.00 Acanthus spinosus                                                                                                            
lavender with white flowers , jun-jul. spikey leaves. ht;100cm.
$8.00 Acanthus spinosissimus group                                                                                        
same as above but with leaves even more spiney
$6.00 Achilea paprika                                                                                                                  
scarlet red flowers jun-sep. ht.60cm.
$6.00 Achilea Gloria Jean
$6.00 Achilea Terra Cotta                                                                                                            
ochre flowers jun-sep. ht;90cm
$5.00 Achilea The Pearl                                                                                                               
double white flowers jun-jul. ht;80cm
$6.00 Achilea Feuerland                                                                                                              
Large rosy red flowers jun-sep ht. 100cm
$6.00 Achilea sibirica                                                                                                                   
soft pink flowers in a large umbel jun-jul
$6.00 Achilea Red Beauty 
red flowers all summer ht;60cm.                                                           
$6.00 Achilea Walter Funcke                                                                                                      
Bright orange flowers jun-jul ht.60cm.
$6.00 Achilea Wesersandstein                                                                                                   
Deep pink softening to a pastel pink ht.75cm
$6.00 Achilea Lachsschonheit                                                                                                    
salmon-pink flowers ht.60cm
$6.00 Aconitum paniculatum Roseum                                                                                        
Pink flowers in early summer ht90cm.
Aconitum Pink Sensation
new variety with pale pink flowers aug-sep ht.80cm.
$6.00 Aconitum Sparks Variety                                                                                                   
Blue flowers in summer ht.120cm
$7.00 Aconitum carmichaellii Fisheri                                                                                          
Dark blue flowers in fall ht.100cm.
$7.00 Aconitum carmichaellii Arendsii                                                                                       
Blue flowers in fall on strong stems ht.125cm.
$7.00 Aconitum Ivorine
white flowers in early summer. ht70cm.
$7.00 Aconitum vulparia                                                                                                               
yellow flowers jul-aug.  ht;100cm.
$7.00 Aconitum cammarum Eleonor                                                                                            
off-white flowers with avery narrow blue edge jun-aug.  ht;100cm.
$8.00 Aconitum cammarum Stainless Steel                                                                               
steel-blue flowers on loosely-branched spikes, jun-aug.   ht;100cm
$6.00 Actaea pachypoda                                                                                                              
white flowers in spring,white fruit on red stalks.  ht;60cm.
$5.00 Agastache foeniculum                                                                                                        
blue flowers jun-sep. ht.100cm. 
$5.00 Agastache foeniculum Alba                                                                                                
same as above but with  white flowers
$6.00Agastache rugosa heronswood mist,ht.60cm.darkfoliage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
$6.00 Agrimonia eupatoria Alba
white flowerspikes jun-aug.intense dark-green feathered foliage, ht;50cm.
$6.00 Alchemilla mollis
yellow flowers in june soft grey-green;50cm.
$6.00 Alchemilla erythropoda
minature version of the above. ht;20cm.
$6.00 Allium senescens
rose-pink flowers,jul-aug. ht;40cm.
$6.00 Allium cernuum
rosy-red nodding flowers , may-jun.  ht;40cm.
$6.00 Amsonia hubrechtii
blue blossom umbels,very fine needle shaped leaves yellow fall colour. ht;90cm.
$6.00Amsonia tabernaemontana
same as above with broader leaves.
$8.00 Anemone Party Dress
huge double pink flowerheads aug-oct. ht.100cm.
$8.00 Anemone Crispa
large ruffled foliage single pink flowers aug-sep. ht.60cm.
$7.00 Anemone Haspden Abundance
pink very floriferous, aug-oct. ht.70cm.
$7.00 Anemone Andrea Atkinson
white single flowers,aug-oct. ht;90cm.
$6.00 Anemone Pamina
dark-red double flowers,aug-sep. ht;60cm.
$6.00 Anemone pavonina
$6.00 Anemone virginiana
white flowers,jun-aug. ht;90cm.
$6.00 Anemone cylindrica
white flowers;60cm.
$6.00 Anemone canadensis
white flowers jun-jul. ht;30cm.
$6.00 Anemonella thalictroides
small white flowers in spring-early summer. ht;20cm.
$6.00 Angelica gigas
reddish-purple flowers in summer. ht;150cm.
$6.00 Angelica atropurpurea
white flower-umbels in summer , stems purple-red.
$6.00 Angelica archangelica
greenish white to cream flower-umbels in summer ht;180cm.
$6.00 Angelica pachycarpa
white flower-umbels in summer attractive glossy-green foliage
$5.00 Anthemis tinctoria Kelwayi
lemon yellow flowers all summer ht.60cm.
$6.00 Anthemis tinctoria Hollandaise Sauce
same as above with pale yellow flowers.
$6.00 Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing
white flowers in spring . bronze-purple foliage very decorative. ht.100cm.
$6.00 Aquilegia vulgaris Kristall
large pure white flowers in spring. ht;60cm.
$6.00 Aquilegia Woodside Gold
intense gold spring foliage changing to light green by fall.
$6.00 Aralia racemosa
white flowerumbels in summer afterwards  dark red berries
$6.00 Artemisia Powis Castle
upright silvery foliage non-invasive ht;50cm.
$6.00 Artemisia lactiflora Ghuizo
creamy-white blooms aug-sep. dark green leaves with purple stems. ht;150cm.
$6.00 Artemisia Valerie Finnis
broad silvery foliage.  ht;50cm.
$6.00 Artemisia vulgaris Oriental limelight
lemon-yellow variegation on soft green toothed foliage. ht;50cm.
$6.00 Aruncus aethusifolius
creamy white flowers jun-aug.leaves deeply serrated. ht.30cm.
$6.00 Aruncus sinensis
white flowerpanicles jun-jul. ht.150cm
$6.00 Aruncus dioicus
same as above but earlier flowering
$7.00 Aruncus dioicus Kneiffii
Variety  with very finely cut leaves. flowers same as A.dioicus ht.60cm.
$6.00 Asclepias tuberosa
orange-yellow flowers jul-aug . ht.70cm.
$6.00 Asclepias incana Ice Ballet
bright white flowers jun-jul. ht.130cm.
$7.00 asphodeline lutea
yellow flowers in dense racemes jun-aug. ht.90cm.
$7.00 Asphodelus damascena
white flower racemes in summerht.75cm. usually biennial
$6.00 Aster ericoides Pink Cloud
hundreds of small pink flowers on abushy plant sep-oct. ht.60cm.
$6.00 Aster ericoides Blue Star
same as above with blue flowers.
$6.00 Aster laevis
blue-violet flowers sep-oct. glaucus foliage ht.90cm,
$6.00 Aster novae angliae  Alma Potschkii
deep salmon-pink flowers sep-oct. ht.100cm.
$7.00 Aster laterifolius Prince
small white daisies with raspberry centres aug-sep. purple to black foliage ht.45cm.
$6.00 Aster laterifolius Lady in    Black
same as above but taller. ht.100cm.
$7.00 Aster  x frikartii Monch
deep blue flowers with yellow centres from sept. until frost. ht.60cm.
$7.00 Aster Anja's Choice
soft-pink flowers flushed white. ht.75cm.
$6.00 Astrantia major Alba
white flower-umbels all summer if happy. ht.60cm.
$6.00 Astrantia major Lars
dark red long flowering variety. ht.60cm.
$6.00 Astrantia carniolica Rubra
gracefull red flowers all summer. ht. 60cm.
$10.00 Astrantia Sunningdale Variegated
variegated foliage pale-pink flowerheads ht.70cm.
$7.00 Astrantia involucrata Roma
Large silver-pink flowerheads cupped in fine bracts ht.70cm
long blooming floriferous variety june-august.
$8.00 Astrantia major Ruby Wedding
dark red flowers darkest of all astrantias ht.70cm.
$10.00 Astrantia major Haspden Blood
dark red-purple flowers ht.80cm.
$7.00 Astrantia major Buckland
dusty pink flowers long blooming variety ht.90cm.
$6.00 Athamanta turbith
white flower umbels over a long period. ht.60cm.
$7.00 Baptisia Alba
white flower spikes in summer  ht.90cm.
$6.00 Baptisia australis
same as above with deep-blue flowers
$6.00 Bergenia purparescens
reddish blossom stems rose-red flower in spring . ht.50cm.
$6.00 Bergenia Wintermarchen
rosy-red flowers with lance shaped foliage. ht30cm.
$6.00 Bergenia cordifolia silberlicht
silvery white flowers fading to pink. ht.50cm.
$6.00 Boltonia asteroides
flowers in fall. ht.120cm.
$6.00 Boykinia occidentalis
white flowers jun-jul. decorative foliage ht.30cm.
$6.00 Brunnera macrophylla
forget-me-not blue flowers over large heart shaped leaves, apr-jun.
$9.00 Brunnera mcrophylla Variegata
same as above with variegated foliage
$8.00 Brunnera macrophylla Langtrees
same as above with silvery grey spots on the leaves.
$14.00 Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost
same as above with silver leaves with green veins.
$10.00 Brunnera Haspden Cream
Very thin yellow edges that mature to cream
$ 15.00 Brunnera Silver Wings
Regular markings of silver throughout the foliage

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